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About Jonny B-H

Jonny Bahk-Halberg, Ph.D., is an American who’s been writing and teaching in Korea most of the time since 1995. A former airplane mechanic, bartender, and journalist, he has spent more than a decade and a half helping English interpreter-translators improve their language skills at the top training ground for interpreter/translators in Korea: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.  Jonny is an associate professor at HUFS, also teaching with the university’s Graduate School of International and Area Studies.

From his offices in Seoul, Jonny has written and edited copy for dozens of organizations: Hyundai Motor Co., Korea Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), JAFCO Investment Korea, and Kumho Tire, to name a few. This copy has consistently performed above industry standards and brought in millions of dollars for his clients.

Jonny’s writing ability is strengthened by an in-depth knowledge of people and sales skills. He has worked with customers from all over the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and Asia. His work is strengthened by decades of experience as a professional communicator as well as teaching and testing for several universities — Korean, British and American – with people from all over the world.

As a graduate of several highly specialized courses, Jonny has advanced training in fundraising, politics, and copywriting. Before becoming a freelancer, he was a professional writer, sharpening his communication and editing skills for more than a decade in daily newspaper journalism until he made the move to Asia in 1995.

Since returning to Seoul on his second sojourn in 2002, Jonny has completed his Ph.D. in English Rhetoric & Linguistics, fallen in love with an old friend from his first Korean experience in the 1990s, gotten married, and is the proud father of 10-year-old Choroek and his sister Haneul, age 9. This second Korean stay appears to be permanent, if there is such a thing. Though they love to travel, the Bahk-Halberg family has no desire to live anywhere but Korea.

The Bahk-Halberg family in Seoul

In the USA, Jonny studied and worked for a decade in newspaper journalism as a professional writer, copy and section editor. He has taught newswriting and composition courses both in Korea and the U.S. He helps write, refine and edit Korean messages in English as an independent copywriter, working with businesses, individuals and agencies in Korea and throughout Asia. In addition, he serves clients as an editor/reviser with the Center for Interpretation and Translation at HUFS.

Alongside his work with HUFS and as a writer, Jonny serves as an adjunct associate professor with the University of Maryland University College – Asia, and a speaking and writing examiner with University of Cambridge IELTS examinations through the British Council in Seoul. His current academic research interests include interview/narrative research, interpretation/translation theory, along with World and Korean Englishes.


Jonny B-H is an experienced writer, editor, communicator, and sales professional who firmly agrees with Mark Twain that “The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” He can help make sure lightning strikes for your project too

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